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11 foals in 2010!

Colts were weaned October 8th, 2010!


10 Registered babies (AQHA, AQHA Appendix & APHA)!

1 grade horse colt with AQHA Appendix papered parents.

**Page last updated March 2nd, 2013**

Broken Back Ranch Quarter Horses

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*Remember that when you are looking at a yearling,

two year old, three year old and even some four year olds...

they don't always look that cute at that time! 

The best time to look at a colt is when they are 3-5 months of age.

That is what they will look like as a mature,

fully grown horse, in their overall conformation. 

So, look back at them as a 3 to 5 months of age, to weanling foal photos. 

That is closer to what you are going to get in a mature horse.

This is why I leave up their foal photos.  Their yearling and two year old

photos might not look as cute, which is normal for the fast growing colt!

It is always wise to look at their dam and sire,

both of which are pictured on my website,

as well as their older siblings.

To see their sire's, click the link -  Stallions

and scroll to the bottom of my home page! 

To see their dam's, click on  Brood Mares  page!

Remember folks...it costs me money to

feed them through the winter too!

***The breeder must be paid or else go out of business,

leaving you with fewer, reasonably priced options

in selecting your next performance prospect!

These colts are not back yard, flat land raised!

They ran on the red dirt hills spring 2010

and on the Big Horn Mountains from May to October!




Thanks Sara!


2010 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding! 

^  Spooky Rip, AR Rolling Sandhill & their blue roan colt - 5/27/10

^  5/27/10 


^  8/12/10 

                                                             v  3/30/2011 - wire scar, left hind cannon


^   Buttock scar from jumping over a fence!                                June 20th, 2011    ^

^   June 20th, 2011    v

^     June 20th, 2011    ^

^  5/11/12

^   5/11/12

^    5/11/12


^                         8/20/12                      ^

^  8/20/12

^  8/20/12

^  8/20/12


^ 8/20/12

^  8/20/12

^  11/5/2012

^  11/5/2012

2010 AQHA Blue Roan Gelding


AQHA # 5307874

Color: Blue Roan

Foaled:  May 2, 2010

Markings:  *small Star,

*Branded "N open 6" on his left thigh,

*Scars on right buttock and left hind cannon.

*No white on his legs or feet

Price: $1,000 - SOLD!

Height:  August 20th, 2012 - 14 hands!

*Halter Broke on 12/16/2010

*1st Trimming - 12/16/10

Latest Trimming - August 2012

*1st Worming - 1/8/11 - Zimectrin paste

3rd Worming - 8/25/11 - Eqvalan Paste


Dam:  AR Rolling Sandhill - Black AQHA Mare

Sire:  Spooky Rip - Gray AQHA Stallion,

with a blue roan dam!!!!!

      Docs Silver Bar
    Spooks Silver Bar  
      Hollys Spook
  Spooky Rip    
      Rip Rip (by Leo)
    Rips Nachie  
2010 Blue Roan Colt     Nachie Roan (by Blue Valentine)
      Hancocks Happy Flyer
    Driftin Sandhill  
  AR Rolling Sandhill    
      High Rolling Echo
    Leos Stormi Echo  
      Leos Thumblina



Thanks Kaden!

You've got a good eye for the best horses!

2010 AQHA Appendix Bay Gelding


* This dear old grannie mare has done it again!

Plus this is her last foal!

^  8/12/10   Wow, what a beauty!!!

^    6/14/11


^  7/7/11

  7/7/11   v

11.22.12  ^  Hello!

^  11.22.12


^  11/22/12

^    5/11/12

^   5/11/12

^   5/11/12



AQHA # X0691610

Foaled:  5/16/2010

Color:  Bay

Sex:  Gelding

Price:  $900 - as of May 15th, 2012 - SOLD!!

Height in Dec 2011 - 13.2 hands 

*Halter Broke on 12/21/10

*1st Trimming - 12/21/10

*2nd Trimming - 3/8/11

*3rd Trimming - 5/19/11

Trimmed - 8/25/11

*1st Worming - 1/8/10


*Brand Inspection, Health Inspection, Coggins fees

NOT included in final price for out of state buyers!

Dam:  Southern Dell Fox - 15.2 hands

Sire:  Spooky Rip - 14.2 hands

      Docs Silver Bar
    Spooks Silver Bar  
      Hollys Spook
  Spooky Rip    
      Rip Rip
    Rips Nachie  
      Nachie Roan
2010 AQHA Apdx. Bay Colt      
      Passions Pleasure
    Foxy Pleausure  
      The Frosty Fox
  Southern Dell Fox    
      Rushin Comet
    Broken Dell Bars  
      Miss Classy Dell


The rest of the foals are either SOLD or MY KEEPERS!

Thanks for looking at my colts!


AQHA Gray Gelding



                                              ^  8/12/10   ^

^   6/14/11 v


^   6/14/11                  


^  7/7/11

^  7/7/11

^ 9/30/11

^ 11/22/11

^  11/12/11

2010 AQHA Gray Gelding


AQHA # 5306921

Foaled:  5/6/10

Color: Gray

Sex:  Gelding

*Price:  SOLD - $500

Current Height Dec. 2011 - 13.3 hands

*Halter Broke on 12/8/10


*1st Trimming - 12/8/10

*2nd Trimming - 3/14/11

Trimmed - 6/14/11, 7/6/11

*Wormed - 12/8/10, 6/18/11, fall 2011

Good sensible colt, easy to manage all around. 

He is NOT correct in his right hind leg.

Sound, but not perfectly straight.

Despite the hind leg, he will still make a good ranch horse

and possibly kid horse. 

Gentle, sensible attitude, solid to the touch, easy to catch. 

Dam:  Shesa Moore Charm - 15 hands

Sire:  Spooky Rip - 14.2 hands

      Docs Silver Bar
    Spooks Silver Bar  
      Hollys Spook
  Spooky Rip    
      Rip Rip (by Leo)
    Rips Nachie  
      Nachie Roan
2010 Gray Colt      
      The Shady Fix
    Stamped With Charm  
      Open Cover
  Shesa Moore Charm    
      Bar Tender Buck
    Shesa Moore Bar  
      Miss Moore 7




Thanks Erin!

Smart Little Lena & J B King bred momma!

Steady Bandit's First Foal!

Splash - Grade Sorrel Gelding



^                   ^       8/12/10               ^

The only cool thing about this sorrel colt is the roaning in his flanks & barrel. 

He's also got a 'coon tail' and has some roaning on one hind leg just above the white sock. 


^   7/7/11

                                                                ^   7/7/11


      *   ^   8/10/11

2010 Sorrel Horse Colt


Grade Quarter Horse Gelding

Foaled:  April 28th, 2010

Color:  Sorrel

Price: $500 - SOLD!!

Thanks Erin!

*Halter Broke in November 2010

*Two wolf teeth removed when gelded fall 2010

*1st Trimming - 12/28/10

*2nd Trimming - 3/8/11

3rd Trimming - 5/16/11

Trimmed - 8/25/11

*1st Worming - 1/8/11

Probably my gentlest colt out of all 11. 

Isn't it ironic...the only grade colt, and just a sorrel even,

would be the nicest to work with! 

Touch and groom him all over, leads easily and he is

easy to catch.

He should have plenty of speed and cow sense!

Notice that Smart Little Lena is on him momma's pedigree

through Steady Tradition!

Two Eyed Jack is the sire to Two Jacks Wild!


Dam:  Steady Bandit - AQHA Apdx. mare

(Smart Little Lena & J B King bred mare!)

Height:  14.2 hands

Sire:  Ten Sleep Foxy Bar - AQHA Apdx. stallion

(Classy Bar & What A Pleasure's great grandson)

Height:  16 hands

**This foal has papered parents, but since they are both AQHA

Appendix papered he is not eligible to be registered. 

I think it's a weird rule, but that's life.**

He is technically only 1/8th Thoroughbred on his daddy's side.

Not 100% sure about his dam's side,

but it should be about the same or less than

his sire's side.  His dam, Steady Bandit,

is built like a bull dog style quarter horse,

despite her AQHA Appendix papers.

      Passions Pleasure TB
    Foxy Pleasure  
      The Frosty Fox
  Ten Sleep Foxy Bar    
      Rushin Comet
    Broken Dell Bars  
      Miss Classy Dell
2010 Grade Sorrel Colt      
      Steady Tradition
    Da Steady Jack  
      Two Jacks Wild
  Steady Bandit    
      Whatta Band
      Bold Chiefs Half


Bold Chiefs Half is sired by a TB stallion named Carol's Chief

Making this colt's blood just 1/16th TB on his dam's side.


Thanks Jessie!  :-)

Gorgeous AQHA Red Roan Filly!


^  8/12/10


               ^  8/12/10   ^

^  8/12/10

^  8/10/11


^      8/10/11      ^

^   8/10/11


AQHA # 5307875

Foaled:  5/17/10

Color:  Red Roan

Price: $650 - SOLD!!

*Halter Broke on 12/13/10

*Trailer Loading - May/June 2011

(backs out of a trailer!!)

*1st Trimming - 12/13/10

*2nd Trimming - 3/17/11

*3rd Trimming - 5/18/11

* 1st Worming - 1/8/11

Dam:  Silver Fire Barleo - 15.1 1/2 hands - 1,200 lbs.

Sire:  Spooky Rip - 14.2 hands

This is a quality filly with eye appeal, good pedigree

and for sure an all around performance type of conformation

and working background from her ancestors!

      Docs Silver Bar
    Spooks Silver Bar  
      Hollys Spook
  Spooky Rip    
      Rip Rip (by Leo)
    Rips Nachie  
      Nachie Roan
2010 AQHA Red Roan Filly      
      Dots Jessie
    Yellow Cake Use  
      Bucks Miss Mazie
  Silver Fire Barleo    
      Hang Fire
    Few such Fires  
      Silver Janice

Dot's Jessie was an AQHA World Champion Reiner!


APHA Solid Red Roan Filly



Thanks Carolina!

*  ^  June 2010

^  August 12th, 2010

^ June 18th, 2011  v


Jester Lito's solid APHA Red Roan Filly


APHA # :  1,002,034

Foaled:  4/28/10

Color:  Red Roan

Pattern Type:  Solid

Sex: Filly

Price: $400 - Oct. 2011 - SOLD!

*Halter Broke on 12/20/10

*1st Trimming - 12/21/10

*2nd Trimming - 3/14/11

Trimmed - 7/6/11,  8/25/11

*1st Worming - 1/8/11

*Very, very gentle and easy to work with!

Certainly going to be an 'HONEST' horse, like her

older half brother, Classy Jack Frost.

This will be Jester Lito's last filly for sale! 

I am keeping Jester's 2011 filly and selling Jester Lito fall 2011.

Dam: Jester Lito - 1994 APHA Sorrel Overo Mare - 14.3 hands

Sire:  Spooky Rip - 1991 AQHA Gray Stallion - 14.2 hands

      Docs Silver Bar
    Spooks Silver Bar  
      Hollys Spook
  Spooky Rip    
      Rip Rip (by Leo)
    Rips Nachie  
      Nachie Roan
2010 Red Roan Filly      
    Jeta Fantastic  
      Fantastic Jackie
  Jester Lito    
      Amigo Smoke
    Lady Jester  
      Dust Em Robin




APHA Red Roan Tobiano Colt 

^  5/18/10

^  8/12/10

^  8/12/10

2010 Red Roan Tobiano Horse Colt


APHA # 990,162

Foaled:  April 24th, 2010

Color:  red roan tobiano!!!

Price:  $800 - SOLD!!

*Halter Broke on 12/6/10

*1st Trimming - 12/6/10

*2nd Trimming - 3/8/11

*Wormed - 12/6/10

**See his half brother on the 2009 Colts page!

Dam:  Leahs Arapaho Shadow - black tobiano APHA mare

Height:  15.1 hands

Sire:  Spooky Rip - 1991 AQHA gray stallion

Height:  14.2 hands

      Docs Silver Bar
    Spooks Silver Bar  
      Hollys Spook
  Spooky Rip    
      Rip Rip (by Leo)
    Rips Nachie  
APHA Red Roan Tobiano Colt     Nachie Roan
      Cimmaron Saint
    Arapaho Scout  
      Arapaho Rebel
  Leahs Arapaho Shadow    
      Spooky Rip
    Bold Poca Leah Bar  
      Southern Dell Fox



Thanks Nichole!

AQHA Red Roan Filly!





^     8/12/10

^   8/12/10 - Hello baby doll!!!


2010 Red Roan Filly


AQHA # 5306923

Foaled: April 23rd, 2010

Color:  Red Roan

Price: $500 - SOLD!

*Halter Broke on 12/13/10

*1st trimming - 12/13/10

*2nd Trimming - 3/17/11

*1st Worming - 12/13/10

Very sweet filly, easy to work with and easy to look at!

Perfect cutting or Tie-down roping prospect!

Dam:  Miss Twister Shout

Height:  14.2

Sire:  Spooky Rip

Height:  14.2 hands

      Docs Silver Bar
    Spooks Silver Bar  
      Hollys Spook
  Spooky Rip    
      Rip Rip (by Leo)
    Rips Nachie  
      Nachie Roan
2010 Red Roan Filly      
      Dial Jay Bee
    Bee Chacha  
      Antlers Reddy
  Miss Twister Shout    
      My Best Friend
    Best Blue Gal  
      Blue Bonnet Gal




*   ^ 9/14/10


AQHA # 5309725

Foaled:  5/12/2010

Color:  Blue Roan

Brand:  LM over Bar, left thigh!

NOT FOR SALE - Don't even bother to ask!  ;-)

Dam:  King Poca Silver Bar

Sire:  Casino Blu Duck - a blue roan son of Lowry Star!



AQHA # 5306922

Foaled:  5/5/2010

Dam:  Kings Quick KC

Sire:  Spooky Rip

Price: Currently NOT For Sale!  ;-)

Yahoooooo, KC finally gave me a filly

after many horse colts!

You'll see her in my brood mare band for the rest of her life unless I like her younger 2011 sister better!


^  5/27/10

*  ^ July 2011




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