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Remember folks feed, training and care cost me too! 

You can go to the livestock auction and buy a cheaper colt, but they may

not have the same good start, balanced feed program & training that my colts have. 

Plus my colts have actually spent 4 months

up on the mountain their first summer

...the Big Horn Mountains! 

They are not flat land pastures, padded stalls or cushy paddocks,

lined with fancy fence that won't hurt a colt if there is an accident!

Being raised in rough country does make a difference as a colt performs

and in how a colt handles himself for the rest of his life!


Thanks Headwaters Livestock and the

Wild West Winterfest in Bozeman MT

Coming 4 year old (by 2013) mare,

Silver Holly McCue



^   5/14/09   ^

^  9/3/09


^              9/3/09                     ^


^  1/18/2010                                 


^                     5/28/10               ^


^  5/28/10 ^

^  7/22/10 - summer pasture - not my place!

^  9/19/11

^  4/27/12

^  11/5/12

^  11/5/12

^  1/19/13

Silver Holly McCue

Foaled:  April 27th, 2009

Sex:  Filly

Color:  Sorrel/Gray

Breed:  AQHA

Registration # 5198278

Sire:  Spooky Rip

Dam:  Miss Twister Shout

Price:  SOLD

Worming Record:  1st paste wormer given on 1/16/2010.

Last worming:  January 2013

**Picked up all 4 feet without much trouble.  Very sensible, accepting and calm filly!

**1st Trimming - 2/23/10 - a piece of cake to trim.

2nd Trimming - 4/  /10.

3rd Trimming - May 28, 2010

Jan 2010 - loaded her one time in my open top horse trailer.  Backed her out of it too!

May 2010 - have loaded her several times.

Look back at her 2007 full brother

AQHA name: Go Spooky McCue

for a sneak peak of what she looks like this summer/fall 09!

She is a carbon copy of her gorgeous older brother.

This is a performance filly with great looks and a foundation pedigree!

Cutting, Roping, Ranch, Breeding & Halter Prospect!

Doc's Silver Bar
Spooks Silver Bar
(AQHA Gray) Holly's Spook
Spooky Rip
(AQHA Gray) Rip Rip
Rips Nachie
(AQHA Blue Roan) Nachie Roan
2009 - Silver Holly McCue
Dial Jay Bee
Bee Chacha
(sorrel) Antlers Reddy
Miss Twister Shout
(AQHA Bay Roan) My Best Friend
Best Blue Gal
(roan) Blue Bonnet Gal

Pedigree Tidbits for Silver Holly McCue:

Her Sire's side:

*Doc Bar, Leo, Blue Valentine, Holly Joe King, Glassy, Lightening Bar,

King, Joe Reed, Three Bars, Texas Gold to name a few!

Her Dam's side:

*My Best Friend is a grandson of Go Man Go on the top side & a grandson of Senor Bill on the bottom!

*My Best Friend also traces back to Chicaro Bill and Silvertone.

*Blue Bonnet Gal is a granddaughter of Old Tom Cat on the top side

& she is loaded with 'McCue' named horses on the bottom side of her pedigree.



Gheez Michelle!  :-)

Ya coulda come and bought him here at the ranch!

Thanks for having such a good eye for good horse flesh!

Wyoming Jessie


           ^    5/14/09  

v    9/3/09   v


^   June 4th, 2010    ^



^    June 4th, 2010   ^


^    June 4th, 2010


AQHA # 5199105

Foaled:  May 4th, 2009

Sex: Gelding (castrated 4/9/2010)

Breed:  AQHA

Color:  Bay Roan

Sire:  Spooky Rip

Dam:  Silver Fire Barleo

Price: SOLD!

Gelded on 4/9/2010!!

**Two wolf teeth removed!!!!!**

Halter broke on Jan 8th, 2010 - 1st lesson.

**1st Trimming - 2/23/10

**2nd Trimming - 4/7/2010

**3rd Trimming - 5/__/10

**4th Trimming - July/2010


(See his older full brothers on the 2008, 2007, 2006 Colts pages)

Ask me to forward current pics to you of his older brother, Spooks Silver Pride!

You will be very pleased with the way these colts look when they mature,

plus they are always gentle, people loving colts.

Great Grandson of Dot's Jessie on his dam's side of the pedigree!

Doc's Silver Bar
Spooks Silver Bar (Gray)
Holly's Spook
Spooky Rip (AQHA Gray)
Rip Rip
Rips Nachie (blue roan)
Nachie Roan
09 Bay Roan Colt

Dot's Jessie

Yellow Cake Use
Bucks Miss Mazie
Silver Fire Barleo (AQHA Bay)
Hang Fire
Few Such Fires
Silver Janice


Grade Palomino (with Roaning?) Gelding!

^ Spooky Flame - dam to this 09 colt below

Spooky Flame's 2009 Palomino/Roan Gelding

Nick Name:  "TANK"


                                                    ^ 5/14/09                                                           


                            ^    5/20/09                       

All photos below were taken on May 27th, 2010


v  ^  pics taken May 27th, 2010 ^

***May 2010 - He is a golden palmino with roaning all over his body!

Nick Name:  "Tank"  aka PITA

Foaled:  April 29th, 2009

Sex: Gelded - 11/19/09

Breed:  Grade Quarter Horse

Color: Palomino - golden palomino with roaning in his coat!

Markings:  tiny star, 1 hind sock, branded on left thigh - "N open 6"

Sire: Buckskin Bo - grade quarter horse

Dam:  Spooky Flame - grade quarter horse

Price:  $800  - CASSIE's KEEPER

**Trimmed - 2/17/10 - such a sweet colt!

2nd Trimming - May 2010

3rd Trimming - July 2010


**Halter Broke & ties solid - Nov. 09

**Wolf Tooth Removed 11/19/09, only found one.

**Nice colt to work with. Curried all over his first halter breaking lesson.

This is going to be one sturdy, well built horse!

A working cowboy's type for sure and a very sturdy built cow horse

with plenty of athletic ability & versatility to be an all-around horse someday!

Flashy enough for the show ring, given time to grow into himself!

Big enough to be a rodeo pick up horse too!

Check out his full palomino brother, Pablo, on the SOLD COLTS  page!!!!

Perfect rope & barrel horse prospect!

**AQHA horses are shown in black lettering.

**Grade horses are shown in red lettering.

Foxy Pleasure
Ten Sleep Foxy Bar
Broken Dell Bars
Buckskin Bo
Rushin Comet
Snowflake II
Snowflake I
Spooks Silver Bar
Spooky Rip
Rips Nachie
Spooky Flame
The Rusty Nail
Red Roan Flame


My Keeper!

Owned by:  Dawn Allred - 307-366-2613

of Ten Sleep, WY

Bay Tobiano APHA Filly!

More pics and individual info. below!

I (Lynette Mills) have halter broke both of these colts for Dawn!

Loading practice has also been done for both colts.

They back out of the trailer and load easily, like it was a game!!!


This APHA bay tobiano filly pictured below is out of

Lil Lonesome Sue (APHA Bay Tobiano mare) owned by Dawn Allred

and sired by

Cherokees Moonlight (APHA Black Tobiano) owned by Joe Martinez

(This stallion is pictured on My Favorite Outside Stallions page.)



All photos above this were taken June 8th, 2010  ^

^ 7/22/10

^  09 APHA Tobiano Filly  ^

APHA Name:  Go Cherokee Robin

APHA Filly

APHA # 977,737

Foaling Date:  June 01, 2009

Pattern Type:  Tobiano

Color:  Bay

Current Coggins in hand, good till spring 2011.

Sire:  Cherokees Moonlight - APHA # 546,866

(Black Tobiano Stallion)

Dam:  Lil Lonesome Sue - APHA # 301,840

(Bay Tobiano Mare)

This filly has the same sweet disposition as her mother!

She should also be homozygous for tobiano color producing!

See her sire pictured on my website at My Favorite Outside Stallions

See her dam pictured on my website at

Ten Sleep Traingle Paints & a few Quarter Horses


**Halter Broke end of Nov. 09 & ties solid

**Very gentle filly, calm disposition, just like her dam!

**She is the first colt to look for the curry comb every day!

**Trimmed for her first time the last week of January 2010.

**2nd Trimming - March 2010

      Tishmingo Dell
    Cherokee Rowes  
      Go Payday (QH)

Cherokees Moonlight


      Maxwell Duke Sharp
    Betty Lew Max  
Go Cherokeee Robin     Betty Lew Kris
      Tinkys Cutter Deck
    Lonesome Lil Cheif  
      Sunni Nyala

Lil Lonesome Sioux

APHA Bay Tobiano

      Sold Short (QH)
    Short Motion (QH)  
      Creeds Motion (QH)

The rest of the colts you see below have already been SOLD!

Or are my potential keepers!


Thanks Laura!

Grade Palomino Quarter Horse Gelding

Name:  "Carbon Copy"


        ^  5/9/09


^  6/5/09  ^

v  Photos below were taken June 8th, 2010


^  Photos above were taken June 8th, 2010  ^


^ 7/22/10

Nickname:  "Carbon Copy"

Foaled:  April 12th, 2009

Sex: Gelding - 4/9/10

Breed:  Grade Quarter Horse

Color:  Golden Palomino

Sire:  Buckskin Bo

Dam:  Tough Sugar Dell Fox - AQHA Palomino Mare

Price: SOLD

**4/9/2010 - Both Wolf Teeth removed!**

**See his beautiful buckskin (full) sister on the  2007 Colts page.**

This foal reminds me so much of his flashy maternal grandsire, Dude Jones!

Dude Jones was a cutting horse stallion from Utah that ended up retiring

outside of Worland for a few years and then in Ten Sleep. 

He was one flashy fellow, golden palomino with the same pretty,

sharp pricked ears and beautiful face that this foal has!

**This little fellow was actually a twin.**

    Foxy Pleasure (AQHA Apdx)
  Ten Sleep Foxy Bar (AQHA Apdx)  
    Broken Dell Bars (AQHA)
Buckskin Bo (grade QH)    
    Rushin' Comet (AQHA)
  Snowflake II (grade QH)  
    Snowflake I (grade QH)
    Tuff Joe Jet (AQHA)
  Dude Jones (AQHA)  
    Flameing Lace (AQHA)
Tough Sugar Dell Fox (AQHA)    
    Spooky Rip (AQHA)
  Bold Poca Leah Bar (AQHA)  
    Southern Dell Fox (AQHA)

AQHA Sorrel Filly


High Driftin Holly


^ 5/6/09 - her sire, Spooky Rip, in background!


^   Cool picture, huh!   9/3/09


^                     9/3/09                  

^ 7/22/10


AQHA Sorrel Filly

AR Rolling Sandhill's first foal!

Foaled:  April 21st, 2009

Sex: Mare

Color:  Sorrel

Breed:  AQHA

Registration # 5198277

Sire:  Spooky Rip - AQHA Gray Stallion

Dam:  AR Rolling Sandhill - AQHA Black Mare

Price: SOLD

*1st loading practice - 2nd week of Jan. 2010- backed out of the trailer!

*Picked up all 4 feet on this filly - 1/16/2010

*1st trimming done on 2/23/10 - very easy filly to work with!

*2nd Trimming - May 2010

*Worming Record - 1st paste wormer - 1/16/2010


Color tidbits:  Besides a great disposition, the only other thing this plain sorrel filly

has going for her is the color of her parents and grandparents. 

Her dam is a black mare with a black dam and a red roan sire.

Her sire is a gray with a gray sire and a true blue roan dam! 

Good chance of producing roans if you cross this filly on a good blue, bay or red roan stud.

Holly is gentle and really loves my curry comb! 

Sensible filly that would make an excellent 4H prospect.

She has been loaded and taught to back out of a trailer - May 2010.

***Classy Cutting or Calf Roping Prospect!***

Doc's Silver Bar
Spooks Silver Bar
Holly's Spook
Spooky Rip
Rip Rip
Rips Nachie
Nachie Roan
High Driftin Holly
Hancocks Happy Flyer
Driftin Sandhill
AR Rolling Sandhill
High Rolling Echo
Leos Stormi Echo
Leos Thumblina

Pedigree Tidbits:

**High Rolling Echo is a son of High Rollin Roany!

Hancocks Happy Flyer is a son of Continental Fly!


Good eye Lorin!  Thank You!

v   Grade Gray Quarter Horse Gelding

Hello....are you looking for a sweet colt that will be able to do it all

and will do it with a willing attitude?  Look no further!


^     5/4/09    


^                             9/3/09                        ^


^  5/28/10

^  5/28/10

Dolly's Gray (grade Q.H.) Gelding!

Name:  Danny Boy

Sex: Gelding - castrated 11/19/09

Color:  Brown/Gray - will start to turn gray by winter 2010/2011 or by spring 2011

Breed:  Grade Quarter Horse

Foaled:  April 12th, 2009

Sire:  Buckskin Bo

Price: SOLD! - $600

My reason for raising this colt's price...grade or not:

He is such a gentle colt with the most willing, easy going personality!

I just trimmed him 2/17/10...he was sooo good!  No fuss, no fight, just ready to please.

He looks like he will have more size (and bone) to him than some of the other colts in the coral.

Typical of a Buckskin Bo baby! 

His two other 2009 half brother's, Tank and AmICuteOrWhat

both have the same sweet, willing personality and are also both sired by Buckskin Bo.

**Wolf Teeth Removed - 11/19/09

**Halter Broke - Nov. 2009

**Kid prospect, gentle, willing colt.  It seems to be a tradition!

**Loads & backs out of my trailer. - Jan. 2010

Trimmed again in May & the end of June 2010.

***Barrel Race, Rope, Ranch Prospect...you name it, he'll be athletic enough to do it!

*Should be a good traveling horse too with a fast walk, so trail riding or pleasure people, heads up!


Foxy Pleasure TB
Ten Sleep Foxy Bar (AQHA Apdx.)  
  Broken Dell Bars (AQHA)
Buckskin Bo - grade
  Rushin Comet - AQHA
Snowflake II - grade cream palomino
  Snowflake I - grade buttermilk buckskin
Danny Boy - Gray Gelding  
Spooks Silver Bar - AQHA
    Spooky Rip - AQHA Gray  
    Rips Nachie - AQHA Blue Roan
  Dolly - grade gray  
    Foxy Pleasure - AQHA Apdx.
    Foxy Lady - grade bay mare  
Nugget - grade sorrel mare


Thanks Loveland family!

I love those return buyers!!!

Wyatt, I'm so glad you like plain sorrels!

Tensleep Foxy Kid


  v  pics taken June 8th, 2010

^ 7/22/10



AQHA Appendix #:  X0687171

Birthdate: May 11, 2009

Color:  Sorrel

Sex:  Gelding

 Owner:  Dawn Allred of Ten Sleep, WY - 307-366-2613

Sire:  TEN SLEEP FOXY BAR - 1993 AQHA Appendix bay stallion

He stands 16 hands, 1,300 lbs.

Owner:  Lynette Mills

Dam:  Luckys Bar Lady (AQHA sorrel mare owned by Dawn Allred).

The mare's info is listed on a link that you will find on my home page as well as below.

Ten Sleep Traingle Paints & a few Quarter Horses!

His dam is a 'Ranch Bars' bred mare!


^ 09 Sorrel Gelding

**Halter Broke & ties solid - Nov. 09

**Gelded on 11/19/09 - Wolf Teeth Removed.

**Very easy to work with.  Curried all over on first lesson.  Starting to face up

and let me catch him easily with each lesson.

Loves the curry comb now and lets me curry him daily in the coral.

**Trimmed last week of January 2010 for his first time.

Price: $500 - SOLD!



Click on the following link :

Ten Sleep Traingle Paints & a few Quarter Horses!

For more info and pics of both broodmares owned by Dawn Allred.

You will also find this link listed on my home page.


I love those return buyers!!!

Thanks David & Sharon Loveland!

He's headed to New Mexico!


Grade half Paint & half Quarter Horse Gelding

^    5/14/09   v

v     9/3/09  

  5/27/10  v



^ v   pics taken July 22nd, 2010  ^


Shadow's 2009 Grade Sorrel Tobiano Gelding

Nickname:  "AmICuteOrWhat"

Foaled: May 3rd, 2009

Sex: Gelded - 11/19/09

Color:  Sorrel

Pattern:  Tobiano

Breed:  Grade half Paint & half Quarter Horse

Sire's side is half Quarter Horse and

dam's side is APHA paints with some quarter horses.

Sire:  Buckskin Bo - grade Quarter Horse

Dam:  Leahs Arapaho Shadow - APHA Black Tobiano

Price: $600 - updated price 7/2010 - SOLD!!

**Halter Broke - Nov. 09

**Wolf Tooth Removed - 11/19/09 - only had one that we could find.

**1st trimming - 2/17/10

2nd Trimming - 3/2010

**Very, very gentle, easy going colt!

**He is the classic kid horse prospect!

Loads and backs out of my trailer! - Dec. 2009

2/5/10 - **This guy is such a mess...he is in my hip pocket as soon as I step into the coral!

I can brush him all over his body, legs and tail and face too!!!

He loves having his face brushed!   ;-)

Foxy Pleasure
Ten Sleep Foxy Bar
(AQHA Apdx Blood Bay) Broken Dell Bars
Buckskin Bo (grade QH)
(honey buckskin) Rushin Comet
Snowflake II (grade QH)
(cream palomino) Snowflake I (grade)
09 Sorrel Colt (honey buckskin)
Cimmaron Saint
Arapaho Scout
(APHA Bay Tobiano) Arapaho Rebel
Leahs Arapaho Shadow (APHA BL/Tobi)
Spooky Rip (AQHA Gray)
Bold Poca Leah Bar
(AQHA Gray) Southern Dell Fox




                                 ^ 5/14/09

^ 5/14/09


v            9/3/09         ^      



^  5/20/10 - He's really shaping up!


^  5/20/10  - He is perfectly square too, just like his sire!


^  5/20/10   -  Hello!!!  What an adorable head!



Foaled:  April 14th, 2009

Sex: Gelded - 11/19/09

Color:  Sorrel

Pattern:  Solid

Markings - 2 hind socks, left front sock, star

Breed:  APHA

APHA #:  966,898

Sire:  Spooky Rip - AQHA Gray Stallion

Dam:  Jester Lito - APHA Sorrel Overo Mare

Price: $600

First trimming done 2/17/10!

2nd trimming - 4/2010

3rd trimming - 5/20/10

**Wolf Teeth Removed - 11/19/09

**Halter Broke, Nov. 2009.

**Smart colt with a good solid feel to him!

**Curried all over his first lesson with a halter on.

2/5/10 - He let me curry his hind quarters today in the coral without being caught!

It won't be long until I am brushing him all over...loose in the coral!

(see updated notes below!)

4/2010  - I am brushing him all over without being caught.  He is a curry comb magnet!

Sometimes a nuisance to be exact!!!  Only in a good way though!

**Loading Practice - May 2010 - He backs out too!

***Here's your 2009 Rope Horse Prospect!***

See Lito Ropin Spook's pedigree below!

Sire's pedigree is all quarter horses.

Dam's pedigree is a mix of paints and quarter horses.

*On his dam's bloodline the paint horses are listed in red font!

Doc Bar
Doc's Silver Bar
Miss Silver Joe
Spooks Silver Bar
Holly Joe King
Holly's Spook
Spooks Babette
Spooky Rip
Rip Rip
Sugaree Bars
Rips Nachie
Blue Valentine
Nachie Roan
Miss Nachie
Jetalong  (JC)
C-Note's Rosalita
Jeta Fantastic
Jack Fantastic (QH)
Fantastic Jackie
Huckleberry Fren (QH)
Jester Lito
Mr Gun Smoke (QH)
Amigo Smoke
She's Jester Lady
Lady Jester
My Painted Robin
Dust Em Robin
Dust Em Good (QH)


Shesa Sugaree Babe

09 AQHA Red Roan Filly!

^  5/27/10

6/27/09   - in her sorrel baby coat!

^     9/3/09


                     5/27/10  ^ *Note that ground is not perfectly level!



AQHA # 5199106

Foaled:  May 24th, 2009

Sex:  Filly

Color:  born a Sorrel, but she is now a perfect Red Roan!

Breed:  AQHA

Sire:  Spooky Rip

Dam:  Shesa Moore Charm

Price:  $800 - SOLD

Halter broke (on 12/30/09)

1st Trimming - 3/3/10 - sooo smart and very easy to trim!

2nd Trimming - May 2010

Worming - 1st paste wormer on 1/16/2010

My notes:  Very big filly with lots of bone and smarts!

Classic broodmare prospect,

Steer Wrestling Prospect,

Calf Roping Prospect,

Team Roping Prospect!

*I did not put a brand on this pretty filly.  Perfect for the show ring!

*Halter & Rope Prospect!

*She should have some serious speed for Barrel Racing too!

Doc's Silver Bar
Spooks Silver Bar
Holly's Spook
Spooky Rip
Rip Rip
Rips Nachie
Nachie Roan
09 AQHA Red Roan Filly
The Shady Fix
Stamped With Charm
Open Cover
Shesa Moore Charm
Bar Tender Buck
Shesa Moore Bar
Miss Moore 7


^    Kansas Bar Sue - dam to foal below

v SOLD!!!

"Touch of Medicine"


^      6/1/09      ^        

showing his dark bay color - 9/3/09  ^

^     9/3/09


Thanks Joann & Family!


Foaled:  April 29th, 2009

Sex: Gelded

Color:  Bay

Pattern:  Overo - with blending on both flanks & thighs

Breed:  APHA

Registration #:  966,897

Sire:  Classy Jack Frost - 2004 APHA Bay Overo

Dam:  Kansas Bar Sue - AQHA Sorrel

Price: $600 - SOLD!

**1st Halter Breaking Lesson - 11/19/09

Very gentle colt.  I have been petting this colt in the coral since weaning.

He spent his first month after birth in the coral,

so he had plenty of time to get used to people. 

Curried him all over today (11/19/09)

He's small and lanky right now,

but he could easily make 15 hands or better at maturity.

11/24/09 - picked up all 4 feet today.  Very easy colt to handle!

Foxy Pleasure (QH Apdx)

Blood Bay

Ten Sleep Foxy Bar (AQHA Appdx) Blood Bay
    Broken Dell Bars (AQHA) Chestnut

Classy Jack Frost



Jeta Fantastic



Jester Lito



Lady Jester



Spooks Silver Bar (QH)


Spooky Rip (QH)


Rips Nachie (QH)

Blue Roan

Kansas Bar Sue (QH)


Kansas Cat 2 (QH)

Susie Kans Cat (QH)


Bay Su Jo (QH)

^ King Poca Silver Bar

This pretty filly is SOLD!!

Thanks Kelsey!



^ All photos taken June 2009  v



^           9/3/09      ^



Foaled:  May 6th, 2009

Sex: Filly

Color:  Bay

Breed:  APHA (half quarter horse on dam's side)

Type:  Breeding Stock

Pattern:  Solid

APHA # 966,895

Sire:  Classy Jack Frost - APHA Bay Overo

Dam:  King Poca Silver Bar -  AQHA Red Roan

Price: $400 - fall 09 - SOLD!

This is one very flashy, well balanced filly. 

If you don't need the paint color, but want the althletic ability,

cow sense and beauty of a solid filly she will fit the bill

just perfectly.  My June pics don't do her justice!

More pics to come in September.

Foxy Pleasure
Ten Sleep Foxy Bar
Broken Dell Bars
Classy Jack Frost
Jeta Fantastic
Jester Lito
Lady Jester
Classy Foundation
Spooks Silver Bar
Spooky Rip
Rips Nachie
King Poca Silver Bar
Rushin Comet
Broken Dell Bars
Miss Classy Dell

Broken Back Ranch Quarter Horses

Broken Back Ranch Quarter Horses

Horse Owner:  Lynette Mills

P. O. Box 52

Ten Sleep, WY 82442


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