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I raise cow bred horses that are grown up in the rugged

mountains and steep, red dirt hills of ole Wyoming,

creating a colt with a great start for any

ranch or rodeo discipline.

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                      2004 & 2005 Colts - All SOLD!

2006 Colts - (2006 AQHA Red Roan Gelding - broke to ride)


                               2007 Colts          All SOLD!


                       2008 Colts        All SOLD!          


                       2009 Colts        All SOLD!         

                       2010 Colts       All SOLD!


                      2011 Colts     Classy Doc Fox - red roan gelding - On the sale list soon!

                     2012 Colts    All SOLD!!

                 2013 Colts  - 2 fillies for sale  - 1 AQHA Apdx., 1 APHA              

                     2014 Colts - only 6 foals listed for sale this season!



Lynette's Broke To Ride Horses!

New Page!! Two Horses!


(What they can become in the right hands!)


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Whelped November 21st, 2013!

1 working male to sell!

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Bonnie & Colt - Nov. 21st, 2013 Litter


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Lynette's  Stock Dogs & Puppies For Sale 


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  Dawn Allred's horses:

Ten Sleep Traingle Paints & a few Quarter Horses!

One of my broodmares is descended from Stan & Dawn's horses!

Jim & Sandra's QUICK SILVER SPOOK - 2003 AQHA Gray Stallion

Here you will see a flashy gray stallion that I raised & sold.

I am featuring his first colt crop for his new owners from 2007

He is currently owned by Jim & Sandra of Lewis, Colorado.


Thank you for checking them out!


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Important Future Colt Buyer Info:


Please don't bring your horse trailer down the first time

hoping I'll send a colt home with you that day with a

hand written bill of sale!  

I sell the legal way, through a Wyoming Brand Inspector!!

If you are 100% sure that you want to take a certain colt home,

through web pictures or my poster pictures then we need to make prior

arrangements before you arrive to schedule an appointment with

the local brand inspector so that he can be here, at the ranch,

when you are here buying the colt! 

Brand Inspections need to be done any time a horse changes ownership.

This rule applies to in-state sales, out of state as well as in the same county!

NO...Abosolutely NO hand written Bill Of Sales

will be given out with my signature on them.

If you need help in tracking down a lost brand inspection

then I'd be glad to lend a hand.  I have fairly good records and

can contact the brand inspector & he or the state brand office folks

can look up the transaction and get a new copy to you!

For more infomation on our state brand laws contact:

Wyoming Livestock Board



or call

(307) 777-7515

Out of State Buyers Info:

You will need the following documents in hand as you drive

across state borders after you purchase a Wyoming raised horse:


Health Certificate

& Brand Inspection

Before a horse can be hauled legally to another state

it must first have a Coggins test drawn up (a blood test)

and a Health Certificate from my local Veterinarian!

This whole process requires pre-planning on

my part and complete cooperation on your part! 

You will need to give me your full name

(for the AQHA Transfer & the Health Certificate)

and the horse's final destination address,

along with your local County name.

That is 'County'...not Country!  

Otherwise I can not get the Health Certificate and Brand Inspection,

let alone the transfer of a registered AQHA horse completed properly!

Note:  A Coggins takes at least 1 week to receive the papers back in the mail

from the vet after he has drawn up the blood work and sent it in to the lab.

*If you request to have the test results faxed to my vet from the state vet

lab it can be in the vets hands via a fax, sometimes, within 2-3 days after

the blood sample arrives at the state vet lab.

We do now have a vet in Ten Sleep making all this paper work

much easier, but it still takes pre-planning and time.  

*Planning ahead is very important!

*Make it easy on me, the seller, and learn what needs

to be done before you buy a horse! 

*Hopefully this info will help you with all of your future horse buying!

***Please don't insult me by asking if these

processes can be skipped!

***I sell the legal way only!!!

Please Notice & View

Lynette's Stolen Horses



$ Reward Offered for two stolen mares!

1999 AQHA Blue Roan Mare!

(branded with our brand "N open 6", stolen fall 1999 as a foal)


1982 Bay/Brown AQHA Mare

(branded with our "N open 6" and stolen fall of 1999)



The Stallions


Spooky Rip

1991 AQHA Gray Stallion
AQHA # 3010340

Foaled:  April 1, 1991

14.2 Hands
Weight: 1,100 lbs.

^  6/2004

^ spring 2003

^ 10/2005

^  10/2006


^  5/12/2006

^ 6/22/2004

^  12/2006

^  5/15/2009


Spooky Rip

Spooks Silver Bar

Doc's Silver Bar

Doc Bar

Miss Silver Joe

Holly's Spook

Holly Joe King

Spooks Babette

Rips Nachie

Rip Rip


Sugaree Bars

Nachie Roan

Blue Valentine

Miss Nachie



Sugaree Bars is a daughter of Sugar Bars!

Miss Silver Joe was sired by Silver Joe R.

Holly Joe King was sired by Fourble Joe by King!

Spooks Babette's sire, Spooks, was a son of King!

Spooks Babette's dam was a daughter of Texas Gold!

Blue Valentine was sired by Red Man by Joe Hancock.

Miss Nachie was sired by Ricochet Kid by Three Bars!

Miss Nachie was out of Glassy, a daughter of Patron!!!

Reference Sire

Sold him Sept. 2011 at Billings Livestock Commission Co.

with his papers in their (BLS) possession.

Ten Sleep Foxy Bar

1993 Bay Stallion
AQHA Appendix # X0507500

16 Hands
1,300 lbs
- winter weight

1,200 lbs. - summer weight

^  9/7/2010

^  5/2004


  ^  9/2008                                                              *

^  5/2009

^  3/2004

^  3/2010

^ 6/2002


Ten Sleep Foxy Bar

Foxy Pleasure

Passions Pleasure TB

What A Pleasure TB

Lil's Day TB

The Frosty Fox

Beaver Comet

Already Frosty

Broken Dell Bars

Rushin Comet

Beaver Comet

Rushin' Thistle

Miss Classy Dell

Classy Bar

Anita Dell

Foxy's Pedigree Tidbits!

What A Pleasure's sire is BOLD RULER!

Beaver Comet is a grandson of Lightening Bar.

Rushin' Thistle is a daughter of Already Barred by Mid Bar!

Classy Bar is of course a son of Sugar Bars and out of Mokey.

Anita Dell is a daughter of Poco Dell by Poco Bueno!


Buckskin Bo

1997 Grade Buckskin Stallion

15.3 Hands
1,350 lbs.

^   7/26/2005


^ 5/2004

^ Photo taken as a 7 yr old

v  Photos taken below as a 3 year old  v

^  5/2004

Photos below taken as a 7 year old

^  5/2004

^  Photo taken as a 4 year old

v   11/17/07

v  11/17/08  ^


^ How about that hind quarter view!

^  11/17/08

^  5/3/2004

Buckskin Bo

Ten Sleep Foxy Bar (AQHA Apdx., blood bay)

Foxy Pleasure (blood bay)

Passions Pleasure TB

The Frosty Fox

Broken Dell Bars (chestnut)

Rushin Comet

Miss Classy Dell

Snowflake II (grade mare) cream palomino

Rushin Comet (sorrel)

Beaver Comet

Rushin' Thistle

Snowflake I (grade buttermilk buckskin mare)

Peppy Rojo (by Peppy)

Snowball (grade buckskin mare)

Our stallion, Peppy Rojo was an AQHA son of the

famous foundation stallion, Peppy (P-212)




2006 AQHA Red Roan Stallion, now gelded - spring 2012.

Has two 2012 fillies, one gorgeous sorrel and one cute,

friendly red roan filly. He produced one bay filly in 2013.

Click on the 2013 Colts page to view his 2013 bay filly,

Top Cause Lena.

No one wanted to buy TCD as a stallion,

so I believed it was best to geld him. 

As I work with his 2012 & 2013 fillies,

I regret gelding him! 

Hind sight is 20/20!

More Pics of Top Cause Dream on the

2006 Colts page

as well as on

Lynette's Horses/Broke To Ride!  page

He is with a trainer currently and will be ready in a month or

so to purchase if he does well, learning new skills. (12/25/2014)

      Docs Silver Bar
    Spooks Silver Bar  
      Hollys Spook
  Spooky Rip    
      Rip Rip
    Rips Nachie  
      Nachie Roan
Top Cause Dream      
      Rebel Cause
    Cause Im Quick  
  Kings Quick KC   Adas Vanny Jay
      Kansas Cat 2
    Susie Kans Cat  
      Bay Su Jo


Mares bred to TCD for Spring 2012 babies are:

Tough Sugar Dell Fox - sorrel filly


Spooks Lucky Dell - red roan filly

Both pictured on the  Brood Mares   page.


Mare bred to TCD for Spring 2013 foals :

Steady Bandit - produced a bay filly

See her on the 2013 Colts  page!

AQHA Name:  Top Cause Lena





AQHA# 5266009

Foaled:  May 10, 2009


NOTICE:  Well, I guess not all is as it seems here!  According to his

DNA sample taken this spring 2012, this palomino stallion does not match

either of the parents on the papers that came with him from the breeder! 

He is apparently not JP INVEST IN GOLD!

Don't know who he is yet or if I can get the breeder to figure out who

his parents were.  Just finding out who his dam was from

the breeder would be a great starting place! 

More info to come as AQHA and the breeder try to sort this mess out!

Which basically means I have to do research to try

and figure out who he is...ironic isn't it!  

You'd think that the breeder could set the record straight!

This foal surely must have come out of some mare's hind end and

most likely nursed on some mare all spring & summer long!

The ironic thing is that the horse you see below appears to be the

horse pictured on the AQHA registration papers, under the name of


* Notice the 4 'nearly' black feet!!!  Very rare on a palomino!


^  All photos above taken summer 2011

^  5/4/14  v

^  5/4/14


      LADY STAR 2

An interesting mess!

You can bet it is my 1st and last purchase of a horse

from the breeder that raised JP INVEST IN GOLD!

I think that DNA testing for all such geldings would

be a wise thing to do!



Introducing my new stallion...


2012 AQHA Black Stallion

N/N on the 5 Panel Disease Test!

Genetic Tested and Parentage Verified!

^  5/22/14

^  6/3/14  v



Don't Forget To Look At My

Stolen Horses

Page! Thank You!

1999 Blue Roan Mare

I know she's still out there!


Home #   307-366-2386

Cell # 307-272-5509

Lynette Mills

P. O. Box 52  

154 B Road 78

Ten Sleep, Wyoming


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